Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google Webmaster Tool Crashed, Link to Your Sites is Buggy.

Mayday, Mayday.... It is Google Webmaster Tool crashing for its different tools, reporting stats specific to a category.

As per my routine assignments, today when i logged into my Google Webmaster Tools, it amazed me with the stats of "Link to your Site". A figure "2,439,598" which was far higher then what i noted yesterday just only didn't cheered me up, but frankly speaking i stood up on my seat.

Same was the scene with one of my other sites getmore.dk for which i have been doing a campaign of links in this month on "Samsung LCD TV". Once i thought that Fifa world cup campaign has injected many many links to my site, but this happiness ended in a short while, when i tried to examine all my sites on different parameters.

  • I tried to see my links on link: parameter, (though i don't like this parameter as it don't gives exact amount of links you are actually getting, as to control spammers to copy your list).
  • I tried to download the CSV file of backlinks, but it was my fortune that once the link didn't worked. Second time when i tried to download it, it gave me only a few thousand links.

  • I tried filtering my previously downloaded files with the file i had recently downloaded. There were many new URLs, which are sometimes considered as referral links or No Follow even. Here i thought that Google is cloning Yahoo's strategy of calculating links.

    There seems to be something fishy .....
Upto my understanding, it is a bug or Google is updating records which are being shown in webmaster on different data centers. I have tried to reach John Mu and Matt Cutts to help me and my other friends who are still waiting for a reply to my thread "Is Link to Your Sites in Webmasters, reporting links with a Bug ? " at Google Webmaster Central post.
I hope, if this is a issue it will be fixed soon. But if these all are my links i am the lucky one, to expect a boom in PR.

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  1. It is same happening with me also. I think Google is messed up totally. A few days back i have seen some alien numbers in my total serps and indexed pages. Also site: parameter shows one day one result and the other day different.
    Aqeel, do you think Google apps are crashing ?


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